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Soccer Stars Academy Tanterton

Tanterton Village Centre Tanterton PR2 7BX
United Kingdom


Children ages 18 months to nine years old can take football lessons from Soccer Stars Academy (SSA) in Tanterton and other cities throughout the United Kingdom. We emphasise each phase of your child's development at Soccer Stars Academy Tanterton.
Our sports programme for toddlers and kids offers them a chance to interact with teammates, develop, and, most importantly, have fun.
We provide an enriching experience to every young player who enrols in a class at one of our academy's sporting venues with fun as our main focus.
Our amiable coaches guide and support each team and class, which welcomes all kids. You can anticipate that when your child enrols in our academy, they will do so in a fun and supportive environment where they will always have a good time.
We give kids the freedom they need to grow their confidence. We provide a secure environment where children can participate in social interaction through sport, hone their social skills, and make buddies.
Classes for Fun Football by Age Group
Our coaches develop educational programs for our inclusive football classes for toddlers and kids based on the various ages in each team. We know how to always maintain a sense of fun for everybody because we are aware of the needs of each age group.
Weekly, we instruct four football classes for kids.
- 18 months to 3 years old: Twinkle Stars
- Bright Stars, aged three to four
- Shooting Stars, between the ages of 5 and 6
- Super Stars, aged seven to nine
Every team's goal is to support each child in achieving fundamental milestones that will boost their self-esteem and teach them crucial social skills, all while having fun and teaching them how to play the beautiful game of football with other children their own age.
Tanterton's Little League Football
Ages 18 months to 3 years Twinkle Stars
Our Twinkle Stars classes in Tanterton are made to assist children in forming a positive association with sports and a love for football from an early age.
Our Twinkle Stars classes help children develop basic yet important motor skills, which lay a solid foundation for physical activity.
Your child will start learning the foundations of movement with an eye toward football at the young age of 18 months. We offer football classes for toddlers that introduce them to the fun of the game, despite the fact that we are more curious about the game's strategy for older age groups.
Ages 3 to 4 - Bright Stars
The goal of our Bright Stars classes is to improve beginning football abilities. These football classes are the next step for toddlers between the ages of 3 and 4 and still emphasise fun while instructing your kids the fundamentals of the game based on their skills.
These tasks are pleasurable and light enough for toddlers to participate in without feeling under any commitment to perform or have any prior sports experience.
With engaging sports-related activities, our coaches work to boost your child's self-esteem and cognitive development at this age, including memory and coordination.
Soccer for Children - Tanterton
Ages 5 to 6 for Shooting Stars
Sessions for this age range are a little more complex than our sports classes for toddlers. Your child can currently concentrate on discovering more about the beautiful game, including the roles of technique, teamwork, and strategy, because they will have already gotten the fundamental football skills in the first 2 groups of our development path.
Our Shooting Stars team receives instruction in passing, tackling, dribbling, and shooting technique in order to improve their agility and football skills.
As we introduce the kids to our enjoyable Skills to defeat players model, they will also have the chance to start using their imagination on the area.
Super Stars, for children aged 7 to 9,
The Super Stars age group represents the pinnacle of our athletic development. These classes advance and strengthen the development of football even more than previous age group classes, preparing our young players to join a league youth team later on, if they choose.
Our Super Stars improve their football skills by practicing harder manoeuvres and concepts that enable them to defeat adversarial players and teams.
Additionally, the kids have the opportunity to be more interactive and concentrate on in-game awareness, positioning, and spatial reactions through tactical team movements.
Join one of our enjoyable youth football leagues in Tanterton today!
A Few Advantages of Our Football Classes
Whether it is our football classes for toddlers in Tanterton or any of our other classes throughout the UK, we have an inclusive approach for players of all ages and abilities who join our classes.
In light of this, our sports coaching gives kids fun ways to learn both football and life lessons. They will learn the fundamentals of the sport in the sports classes, which will also help them in other facets of their lives.
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